Full text: Proceedings, XXth congress (Part 8)

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International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Vol XXXV, Part B-YF. Istanbul 2004 
map, we can draw the length information we need, and then 
compute the scale. 
Following the above computing process, we have get all the 
necessary parameters and built the formula transforming the 
image length to real length. 
On the image which is acquired by UAVRS-II on the 300 
meters height, as showed in Fig.7, we derived the height and 
texture information with the aid of 2D GIS database, and 
reconstructed the 3D models of buildings. Fig.8 shows detail of 
the models. 
Fig.7 The Image of UAVRS- 
Fig.8 Reconstructed 3D Models 
Today with the development of Digital Earth, Digital City and 
other digital projects, we have to be up against the puzzle that 
how to acquire the 3D information of city efficiently and 
quickly. In this paper, we have design a 3D reconstruction 
method of city buildings from single UAV image, and have also 
built some accurate models to test the feasibility and 
practicability of this method. The practice proved that it is an 
effectual means to solve the bottle-neck problem of 3D city 
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