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Proceedings of Symposium on Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation

The technical program of the Symposium concentrated on the
application of photo interpretation and remote sensing to resource
inventories and environmental studies. The Working Groups and Project Teams
of Commission VII were the foci for exchanges on these and related topics.
The papers in the Proceedings are grouped under the following
topics: Land Use, Resource Inventories, Water and Wetlands, Environmental
Monitoring, Vegetation Damage, Special Applications, Geology, and
Interpretation and Analysis.
The Proceedings include papers presented at the Symposium and those
read by title only.
The papers were, with a few exceptions, reproduced as received from
the authors without major editing and retyping. Papers and abstracts written
in German and French were, in most cases, left unchanged. Abstracts that
were not incorporated in the text were placed at the end of the paper to
which it belonged. Accordingly, some lack of uniformity in type, format and
style will be noted but, in such a rapidly moving field, it seemed important
to delay publication as little as possible.
Commission VII would like to thank all those who have contributed
Secretary Commission VII
Copies of the Proceedings may be obtained for $15 eg.ch from the
Canadian Institute of Surveying, 512 Rochester Street, Ottawa, Ontario.