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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Prof. Dr. A.J. Brandenberger
Chairman, ISP WG VI-1
c/o Department of Photogramraetry
Laval University
Quebec, Canada
Paper for the ISP Commission VI Symposium, Krakow, August 8-10, 1978
Dr. A.J. Brandenberger received a doctoral degree in photogramraetry in 1947
from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. He has been professor and
research supervisor for photogrammetry, Department of Geodetic Science, The
Ohio State University, U.S.A.; and director and research professor, Depart
ment of Photogrammetry, Laval University. He has produced 127 publications,
is a honorary member of three scientific associations, was an invited spea
ker at 74 universities and organizations throughout the world, and is a
recipient of the U.S. Antarctic Service Medal. He is presently the UN con
sultant for surveying and mapping education; Vice-President of the Committee
"Thematic Cartography", PAIGH, Organization of American States; and Chairman
of ISP WG VI-1.
The major task of ISP WG VI-1 is the continuation of work for a world-wide
inventory on photogrammetric education and research facilities. Special
emphasis is given to the situation in the developing countries and on
course curriculae. The paper reports on the organization of the working
group and elaborates on the work achieved up to now by the group.
La tâche majeure du groupe de travail SIP WG Vï-l est la continuation du tra
vail pour l'établissement d'un inventaire mondial sur les facilités disponi
bles pour l'enseignement et la recherche photogrammétriques. La situation
dans les pays en voie de développement et le.contenu des cours offerts sont
particulièrement considérés. La communication fait rapport sur l'organisation
du groupe de travail et élabore sur le travail achevé à l'heure actuelle
par le groupe.
Die Hauptaufgabe der Arbeitsgruppe IGP VI-1 besteht in der Fortführung der
Arbeit fUr die Erstellung eines weltweiten Inventars der bestehenden photo
grammetrischen Ausbildungs -und Forschungsgegebenheiten. Besondere Bedeu
tung wird der Lage in den Entwicklungsländern und dem Inhalt von Ausbi dungs-
programmen beigemessen. In diesem Rapport wird näher berichtet Uber die
Organisation der Arbeitsgrupps und Uber die bis jetzt beendeten Arbeiten
der Gruppe.