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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

At 13 th Congress of International Society of Photogrammetry
in 1976 , it was recommended to continue the past efforts on
"Bibliography and Information Dissemination” under the working
According to the Commission VI board proposal, which was expres
sed in circular letter No 1, the Working Croup VI / 4 ; "Biblio
graphy and Information Dissemination" was established.
The programme of W.G.VI/4, which was presented in the circular
letter No 2, from May 1977, is as follows;
- Preparation and publishing of the second volume of "ISP
National Bibliographies of Photogrammetry, Photointerpreta
tion and Remote Sensing".
- Compilation of the list of doctor's theses in the field of
photogrammetry, photointerpretation and remote sensing.
- Collaboration with ITC in conection with "The International
Bibliography of Photogrammetry / IBP /".
- Collaboration with "Commission Inter Associations de Biblio
graphie" ♦
- Establishment of contact with institutions equipped with
computerized bibliographic system, with a goal being the
creation of a central system which would encompass photo-
grarametrÿ, photointerpretation and remote sensing.