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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Krakow (inter Congress Report of Working Group VI-5, August
Poland International Society for Photogrammetry) 1978
Dr. Sanjib K. Ghosh, Chairman WG VI-5, ISP
The Ohio State University
1958 Neil Avenue (Geodetic Science)
.Columbus, Ohio 43210, U.S.A.
Biographical Sketch
Sanjib K. Ghosh obtained his education and professional experience in
India, The Netherlands, and the U.S.A. At Ohio State University
departments of Geodetic Science and Civil Engineering, his teaching and
research interests are in the general area of photogrammetry. He has
published 70 technical papers and research reports and two books. Cur
rently chairman of ISP Working Group VI-5, he is also the Director,
Digital Processing and Photogrammetric Applications Division of the
American Society of Photogrammetry.
The paper analyzes the needs of the world of photogrammetric mapping
against the planning necessary for such projects. Cost-effectiveness and
other ideas are discussed. Current practices in various countries and
organizations, as obtained through the efforts of the Working Group VI-5
of ISP are studied.
Le rapport analyse les besoins mondiaux de la cartographie photogram
métrique en opposition avec le procédé nécessarie pour réaliser de tels
projets. L’efficacité des frais (cost-effectiveness) ainsi que d'autres
idées sont discutées. Les méthodes actuelles dans les differents pays
et organisations, telles qu'elles sont obtenues par les efforts du Work
ing Group VI-5 du SIP sont étudiées.
Der Aufsatz untersucht die Bedürfnisse der Welt der photogrammetrischen
Kartierung gegen die erforderliche Planung für solche Arbeiten. Kosten-
Wirksamkeit (Cost-effectiveness) und andere Ideen werden diskutiert.
Gegenwärtige Praxis in verschiedenen Ländern und Organisationen, durch
die Anstrengungen der Arbeitsgruppe VI-5 der ISP zur Verfügung gestellt,
werden unterschut.