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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

(Paper presented at Inter-Congress Symposium of Commission VI,
I.S.P. , Krakow, Poland; August 1978)
Dr. Sanjib K. Ghosh
The Ohio State University
1958 Neil Avenue (Geodetic Science)
Columbus, Ohio 43210, U.S.A.
Biographical Sketch
Sanjib K. Ghosh obtained his education and professional experience in
India, The Netherlands, and the U.S.A. At The Ohio State University
departments of Geodetic Science and Civil Engineering, his teaching
and research interests are in the general area of photogrammetry. He
has published 70 technical papers and research reports and two books.
Currently chairman of ISP Working Group VI-5, he is also the
Director, Digital Processing and Photogrammetric Applications Division
of the American Society of Photogrammetry.
The manager and his roles are defined. It is observed that the
manager has to function with technical, time, and cost related con
straints. In order to function successfully, he has to be proficient
in four disciplines, viz., Engineering, Economics, Law, and Communi
cations.' Management in photogrammetric operations is generally
complex because of intermittent type of productions. The advantages
and disadvantages of intermittent production organizations are listed.
Some well established recommendations are listed.
Le directeur et ses rôles sont définis. Il est à noter que le directeur
doit agir sous les contraintes de technique de temps et de frais. Afin
d’agir avec succès il doit être compétent dans les quatre disciplines
suivantes; l’ingénierie, l’économie, le droit et les communications.
La gestion dans les opérations photo grammétrique s est généralement
complexe en raison des productions de type intermittent. Les avantages
et les inconvénients des organisations de productions intermittents sont
répertoriés. Quelques recommandations bien établies sont répertoriées.