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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Mr. the Rector Henryk Filcek,
Dear Prof. Janusz Wapinski, President of the
Polish Society of Photogrammetry,
Dear Prof. Zbigniew Sitek, President of the
ISP Commission VI
Dear Eng. Josefa Jachimski, Secretary of the
ISP Commission VI,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
a resolution adopted by the ISP Council when he met last year
in Reston, U.S.A., on a statutory annual session, recommended that
all the 1978 symposia he held in English, in order to shorten the
expenses for such meetings which gather one to two hundred peoples.
Of course :
1) French and German remain ISP official languages for the ISP
2) the Member Body organizing a symposium is entitled to use its
own language or any other one, official or not, at its own charge and
provided that English is used as the speaker*s language or as trans
lated from the speaker’s language : so was it in Tokyo for Japanese
or in Moscow for Russian, so will it be in Paris for French;
3) it is my duty to follow, more than anyone else, the ISP
Council decisions on the matter. So, I am sure that the French and
German speaking friends who are present here will understand that
I speak English. The present year is situated midway from our Xlllth
quadrennial Congress, which was held in Helsinki, two years ago and
of the XIVth Congress to be held in Hamburg, July 1980.
So 1978 is an important landmark on the road of ISP development.
First : the Council which will be held in Paris is to be the
most important of the annual ones, because its Members will meet there
the Chairmen of the seven Technical Commission and of the Financial
Commission, and also the representatives of the major instrument makers;
Second : because each of the ISP Technical Commissions has, as
Commission VI has these very days, to organize a symposium, in order :
- to state how their various working groups are processing
with their preparation to the 1980 Congress : more than forty
groups are so working to that purpose,