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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Answering Dr. T. Blaelm t •’ r telegram
I regret that Ted Blachut could not come here. Be sure that we,
in the Council, appreciate the job he has already performed and that
our coming ISP Council in Paris will examine the matter very carefully
with the President of Commission VI, Prof. Zbigniew Sitek.
I woul like to make a few statements. Pardon me the disorder of
their presentation :
a) I very well understand Ted’s position : ISP officers have
spoken about the history of photogrammetry for decades and have only
spoken until recent years; the members of the editorial board need to
be assured that they do not work for nothing;
b) unfortunately, Ted Blachut’s first letter, dated March 15,
1977 was received after the last ISP Council which was held in Heston,
USA, in the‘very early days of March, so that we did not discuss the
matter; the following Council will be the laris one, next September;
c) I visited two important persons in UNESCO to try to get a
financial help, i.e. :
- in July 1977, Dr* Michel Batisse, the UNESCO Assistant Director
General for Earth sciences, without any success,
- in September 1977, with Ted Blachut, Dr. Yuri Novozhilov,
another UNESCO Assistant Director General, for Sciences, who encouraged
us to get the support from national delegations,
d) so Ted and I met a representative of the Canadian delegation
and later on, I visited the Vice-President of the French delegation-
and the former President of Mexico, chief of the Mexican delegation
e) having received a draft budget from Ted Blachut, I first
consulted the ISP Secretary General, Dr. Frederick Doyle and the ISP
Treasurer, Mrs. Aino Savolainen;
f) later on, I consulted the other throe members of the Council;
g) in spite of the general agreement which resulted from these
consultations and in spite of our intention to discuss the matter very
carefully at the next Council, I would like to state without engaging
anyone but myself;