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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Answering Dr. 3chinidt~1' 1 ;ij.kenburg
It is not the first time that I note that Prof. Ormeling, the
President of the International Cartographic Association, is anxious
about closer relations between ICA and IBP. He came to meet me in
Paris last year and told me that if he was desirous to ask ISP for
co-operation, he was somewhat afraid that ISP will not ask ICA for a
reciprocal co-operation. The presence and paper of Dr. Schmidt-Falken-
burg, here in Krakow, at a meeting of an ISP technical commission are
a proof of our mutual agreement to co-operate, as wished by both
But there are two different associations. They have different
scopes, otherwise there would be only one Society. Certain of the -
aims show overlaps, where we can and must co-operate. Other ones are
completely different : non-topographic and non-cartographic applications
of photogrammetry are an example.
The position of ISP in relation will) the three other associations,
i.e. :
- the International Association of Geodesy,
- the International Federation of Surveyors,
- the International Cartographic Association,
was discussed 2
- in Helsinki, July 1976, with Pi of. Kukkamaki, the President
' of IAG,
- in Paris, on November 26, 1976. with Dr. Ternryd, the Presi
dent of FIG,
- in Paris, on February 10, 1977, with Prof. Ormeling, the
President of ICA and Dr. Hedbom, the Secretary-Treasurer of ICA,
- in Stockholm, on June 8, 1977, between the Presidents of the
four Sister Associations, with the assislance of a few members of their
councils (Dr. Frederick Doyle, for ISP),
- in Stockholm, on June 9, 1977, with the same ones and the
representatives of the major exhibitors.