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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

Prof.eng. I.Haidushki
In the paper are indicated the institutes, where the young
specialists in photogrametry are educated and the Higher
Institute on Architecture and Construction has been pointed
as the most important one.
In greater details has been described the educational programme
on photogrametry for the respective courses by indicating
the hours for education. The laboratory base of the Chair for
practical exercises has been shown with its possibilities for
solving questions of educational, scientific-research and
production character. The duration of the educational and
production practice is indicated, as well as the time needed
for completion of the diploma work. At the end the paper
informs that the young specialists who had undergone post-graduate
education form scientific teams on photogrametry.
The complete course on photogrametry in the People's Republic of
Bulgaria is taught in the Higher Institute on Architecture and
Construction to students of the speciality "Geodesy, photogritketry
and cartography". A shorter course undergo the students on
"Land Regulation" at the same faculty, in the secondary vocational
schools on construction, in the Higher Mine and Geology Institute
and in the Higher Institute on Silviculture.
In the Higher Institute on Architecture and Construction the
photogrametry as a subject and as an applied science is taught
in four semesters from the second to the fourth year of education.
The lectures and exercises comprise about 70 periods per semester,
and at the end of the sixth semester an educational practice is
organized for- 12 days in the polygon of the faculty and the
laboratory onphotogrametry at the Institute.