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Papers for the international symposium Commission VI
Sitek, Zbigniew

IN THE U. S. A. *
[Contribution to the I. S. P. Working Group VI-1 at
Inter-Congress Symposium of Commission VI, I.S.P.
Kirakow, Poland; August 1978]
Dr. Sanjib K. Ghosh
The Ohio State University
1958 Neil Avenue (Geodetic Science)
Columbus, Ohio 43210, U.S.A.
One of the main tasks of Commission VI, International Society for
Photo gramme try (ISP) is to continue work on the world-wide inven
tory (including an analysis) of photogrammetric education and research
facilities. The Working Group (ISP-WG VI-1) under the chairmanship
of Prof. Dr. A. J. Brandenberger is entrusted with this task.
Separately, the United Nations (UN) organization, through its Carto
graphic Section has taken up a similar task, in 1977, of preparing
a report on the status of world surveying and mapping education.
My own working group (ISP-WG VI-5) has also a distinct (although
somewhat peripheral) interest in this matter. Accordingly, a joint
working group under the leadership of Dr. Brandenberger developed
a set of questionnaire for the purpose.
The ISP WG VI-1 Questionnaire was sent to two groups of organizations
within the U.S;.A. as follows:
Group I : Academic (Educational) Institutions, where
questionnaires A, B, and C were mailed.
Group II: Private (i. e., non-governmental) agencies,
where questionnaires D and E were mailed.
These are primarily the sustaining members
of the American Society of Photogrammetry.
The mailipg was ccmpleted by the end of April, 1978. While some
more responses may be expected, the current (Mid-July, 1978) status
can be stated as follows: