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Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

Presidential Address 13
Resolutions 22
E. Welander Some Methods and Investigations for Determining the
Quality of Aerial Photographs 28
F. L. Cortejm Rational Planning and Execution of Aerial Photo
graphy 39
S. A. Hempenius Specifications for Mirror Stereoscopes 45
R. P. Barrett Man-Machine Task Sharing in Advanced Photo
Interpretation Systems 52
A. H. Birnbaum Effect of Selected Photo Characteristics on Detection
and Identification 60
GEOLOGY (including geomorphology, hydrology) working group 2
y J. A. E. Allum Aerial Photographs as Instruments of Research in
Areas of Regional Metamorphism 68
J. Sarrot-Reynauld Application de l’Etude des Photographies Aériennes
à la Tectonique des Zones Externes des Alpes Fran
çaises 78
C. Marin - E. Mingarro Interprétation Photogéologique de la Tectonique au
Nord de la Province de Seville 87
J. E. G. W. Greenwood Rock Weathering in Relation to the Interpretation of
Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks in Arid Regions . 93
E. A. Stephens The Photogeological Interpretation of certain Meta
morphic Rock in East and Central Africa 100
J. F. Gerards Analyse Photogéologique des Structures Plissées Pré
cambriennes du Bas-Congo 107
J. F. Gérards - Rapport sur l’Application de la Photogéologie “Pré-
H. E. Ladmirant contrôlée” en Afrique Centrale 115
R. L. G. Thonnard Quinze Degrés Carrés Couverts au Congo par Mé
thode Photogéologique 120
E. A. Stephens The Application of Reconnaissance Photogeology to
Mineral Investigation in Central Nyasaland ... 124
j M.MARKOvié—M.DiMiTRijEVié The Estimation of Metric Elements of a Line from
R. S. PETROvié Aerial Photographs 129
SOILS (including land classification, soil conservation) working group 3
P. Buringh The Application of Aerial Photographs for Soil Sur
veys in Development Projects 136
R. Webster The Use of Basic Physiographic Units in Air Photo
Interpretation 143
T. Nakano Landform Type Analysis on Aerial Photographs - Its
Principle and its Techniques 149
L. F. Curtis Soil Classification and Photo Interpretation .... 153
P. de la Souchère - Essais de Photo-Interprétation en Zone Forestière
N. Leneuf Ombrophile du Sud-Ouest de la Côte d’Ivoire ... 159
J. L. Retzer Soil Surveys in Timbered Mountain Lands of the
U.S.A 166
J. J. Reynders The Analysis of Shifting Cultivation Areas 171
R. A. Jarvis The Use of Photo Interpretation for Detailed Soil
Mapping 177
R. M. S. Perrin The Use of Air Photographs in the Study of Patterned
Ground in East Anglia 183