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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

such as the discrimination of four physiographic zones
and the delineation of two drainage system terrains,
were extracted from the standard Landsat MSS imagery.
Detail geologic information, particularly about
lithologic variations and structural geologic features
were extracted from digitally processed imagery - the
Principal Conponent imagery, the Band Ratio imagery
and the Edge Enhanced imagery - concentrated in two
test sites, the Sukabumi and Lembang area. 'Thirteen
different lithologic terrains in the Sukabumi area and
eleven different lithologic terrains from the Lerrbang
area were discriminated and extracted from the
Principal Component imagery and the Band Ratio
imagery, while the Edge Enhanced imagery of these two
sites provide additional understanding of the
Cimandiri fault zone, the Lenbang fault and the N-S
maximum principal stress responsible for the
development of structural patterns in this region.
Topographic details, such as the continuation of
ridges of Cimandiri fault zone, the radial drainage
pattern around the volcanoes, the south dipping
sedimentary rocks of the Southern Mountain zone and
the sharpness of the drainage system disected by the
Lenbang fault, were particularly prominent on the
SIR-A imagery of West Java area.
The importance of Landsat MSS data and SIR-A imagery
as sources of information for geological investigation
in tropical region should never be overlooked.
However, to interpret lithologies and structural
features one must follow a "multi-step interpretation"
approach taking into considerations the image
characteristics (band selections, type of processings,
look directions, etc.) and the terrain characteristics
(rock resistance, the degree of weathering, vegetation
density and water contents).
The authors wish to express their appreciation to the
Indonesia's National Institute of Aeronautic and
Space (LAPAN), particulary to Mr.Nasril Hadjar of
S3A-LAPAN, for providing the Landsat MSS data and for
assisting the field investigations. Appreciation
also goes to Dr.G.B.Bailey of EROS Data Center, Sioux
Falls, South Dakota - USA, for his advices on
selecting types of image processing system and his
assistances to gain access to conduct digital image
processing using EROS facilities. This investigation
was also funded through grants from the Indonesian
Cultural Foundation, Inc.,1985.
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