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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

PJ fT IÜ h ID hJ
(D H- {U (D (D
O it ^
h( t* pj
[0 (D (O
t? W
H- c
Solid Geology t T
^ Palm(Oasis)
Thinly veneered bedrock
Olive plantation
Unvegetated gravel alluvial fans <^T
Jp Cardium terrace
Vegetated alluvial fan Eg
§5 Flatirons
Active area of fan deposition
ill Urban
Fine grained alluvial fans J®
@® 0 Mound springs
Pediment: predominantly
sheetwash ^
^ Escarpment > 30m
Dissected bahada
Escarpment 10-30m
Pediment with gypsum crust >>>*
Escarpment 5-10m
Coarse alluvium
-‘-v Escarpment < 5m
Alluvial plain Terrace
Alluvium |*-*—#| Ridge
Indurated fan |*- *~ -*j Col
58EE32K? " i,h I E P h —' "» «*■»"

Playa: hummocky vegetation -j?
Gully networks
Playa: above normal S
water-table ^
Playa: dense vegetation ^
W Hogback
Mio-pliocene playa sediments — | Fault: definate
Aeolian deposition “j Fault: probable
Dune [ | Solution hollow
^ Entrenchment
Dry floodplain . i
k. Summit
Vegetated floodplain
^ Area subjected to aeolian