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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing

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It is a great honor for me as president of the Hellenic
Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing to stand up
here and welcome all of you to this symposium.
To begin with I would like to emphasize that really is a
great honor for Greece and especially for the Hellenic
society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing that we have
the presidency of Commission UI of ISPRS and due -to this
fact we had distinguished opportunity to organize the
symposium in this beautiful island of Greece.
I would like to thank all the organizers that helped
financially, to the artist s who offered pieces of their
art contributing with their means to this symposium, after
all Photogrammetry it is a combination of science and art,
is it not?
Thanks also to all sponsors and congratulations to the
organizing committee which despite all difficulties came
to a very satisfactory result.
It is known that Greece lacks continuing programs for
providing maps, does not have a cadastral map as well.
It seems that the demand for cadastral maps has become
recently more urgent and speaking from a professional
point of view I think that photogrammetry must be promo
ted as rapid and economically acceptable method, Especial
ly now that the development of new techniques through the
new technology increases the photogrammetric accuracies,
gives us the possibility to integrate the collected data
into G.I.S. systems, and brings up photogrammetry as an
attractive method to use.
On the other hand Greece as member of the European Com
munity should take advantage of the joint programs and
promote Remote Sensing for thematic mapping, as well as
for small and medium scale mapping facing the fact that
has to solve urgent problems arising, from the increasing
^pollution of Environment the rapid growth of cities and
the destruction of forest from fires, and other problems.
I hope that the works of this symposium conclude positive
ly in these aspects.
I would like to express my pleasant feelings that we have
toomany important participants from ail over the world and
I’m very happy to realize that even though the Symposium
is of the Commission UI many of Greek participants are
from the ’’production line”.
Hopping that the works of the Symposium come up with posi
tive messages for Greek professional and educational
matters,] wish you pleasant staying in Rodcs.