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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing

I would like to open the discussion by referring to the
general objectives of the activities of Com Vj_, having in mind that our
society 1SPRS is a nongovernmental international organisation devoted to
the development of international cooperation for the advancement of
Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and their applications. I would like to
emphasise that the keywords are precisely the development of
international cooperation wherever needed. Then l wish to draw your
attention to the recent general terms of referrence of Com V|_, so that
we can see more broadly what the responsibilities are and to invite you
to coutnbute to the discussion of whether these terms of referrence
need to be changed or emended for the years to come. Also, I would like
to focus on the coming activities in and after 1992. The aim of the Com
is economic, professional and educational aspects of Photogrammetry
and Remote Sensing, which is very close to my interests as I earn my
living as a University teacher. The terms of referrence for Com VJ_
consist of seven items for the time being:
1) Economics and business management of P & RS operations
2) Professional and ethical aspects of P & RS
3) Education, classification and retraining of personnel
4) international exchange of information, documentation and
research in P & RS
5) Standardisation of terminology of P & RS
6) Bibliography and periodicals of P & RS
7) History of P & RS
The connection between these terms of referrence and the
Working Groups for Com Vi is obvious.
Talking about the education and classification of personnel l
would like to draw your attention to the importance of classification
of engineers of our sciences, at least for those of us who work in
Europe, as the free flow of labour will be introduced in 1992 have to
be able to be coped with.
As a matter or fact Com VI is a difficult commission,
because it deals with a subject which is not nearly as interesting as
some others Yet, this meeting l hope will be considered as one of the
most successful and well organised of its kind, partly due to the very