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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing

ITC M.Sc. Degree Programme in Integrated Map and Geo-Information Production \. INTR 1
J. Drummond, C. Paresi 1.2 Dev
International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC)
P.0. Box 6 A grow
7500 AA ENSCHEDE . increas
The Netherlands technol
Abstract complem
As from January 1990, the ITC is offering a new M.Sc. Degree Programme in the develop
framework of its new Department of Geoinformatics.
The ne
This new M.Sc. Degree programme aims to develop critical understanding and the pr
competence in the handling and management of systems for the acquisition, respect
processing, transmission, presentation and dissemination of geo information. digital
The programme will be relevant to staff from production and user organiza- capital
tions, research institutes, colleges and universities. cost sk
The 24-months programme starts in January each year. The first year of the fruits
programme consists of 10 months of integrated coursework followed by a two- lines,
months final project. The second year consists of two months advanced
coursework common to all fields, followed by 10 months specialization. The Meanwhi
10-months specialization will require three months guided study and the rising
preparation of a thesis. managen
of a he
The paper emphasizes reasons for creating such a new M.Sc. Degree Programme Thus ti
and describes details of objectives, structure and contents.
For tl
maps aj
and da
are thi
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