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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

3.7. Design and Algorithmic Aspects of Digital
Photogrammetric Systems
(Intercommission WG 11/111; chairmen: Prof Dr Heinrich Ebner,
FRG, and Prof Dr Ian Dowman, UK)
The intercommission Working Group 11/111 studies the following
- Definition of the functions and performance capabilities
expected of digital photogrammetric systems
- Critical evaluation of existing systems
- Proposals for development, aiming at widespread use of
such systems in practice
- Digital photogrammetric systems comprise hardware and
software designed to derive photogrammetric products from
digital imagery, using manual and automatic techniques and
algorithms for point determination, surface reconstruction,
feature extraction and digital image transformation.
- The design aspects include system architecture and
individual components, interfaces for data input and output
and geographical information systems, and the human interface.
- The algorithmic aspects are related to real-time and on-line
procedures, restitution modes such as mono, stereo, multi
image, and parallel processing.
One of the main issues studied by the WG is the role of
hardware relative to software. Given the fast development in
hardware, the existence of flexible and partable software is a
key necessity for the success of any digital photogrammetric
Another main question yet to be answered is "What can digital
equipment do that analytical plotters cannot?" (U Helava)