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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

Working Group II/l Analytical Instrument Activities
ims and of
prepared by
Morris L McKenzie
pplied to
taken in
ISPRS Commission II Symposium
Dresden, GDR
Sptember 8-12, 1990
15 to 17,
D •
The objectives of ISPRS Working Group II/l includes the
promotion and dissemination of information on analytical
instruments through reports, technical meetings, and
workshops. Over the past 14 years, in an effort to help
both users and manufacturers, we have put together a packet
tfay 22 to
3. In the
3 in work
le papers
eover, in
2, 3, and
:i can be
comprising four components useful in procuring analytical
instruments :
o tables of manufacturers, their instruments, and salient
features of the instruments,
o standards and specifications for analytical
total, 5
)ers were
g session
'III. The
L systems
iden with
o an analytical stereoplotter evaluation guide,
o testing procedures for analytical instruments.
The intent in preparing this packet is to help the
prospective buyer: the tables are for locating
manufacturers and instruments of interest for further
investigation? the standards and specifications are for
guidance in preparing requests for proposals and contracts?
USA from
the evaluation guide is for choosing the best-suited
instrument from among several offered? and finally, the
testing packet is for evaluating the accuracy of the
instrument chosen.
In producing these documents, several considerations
were observed. The working group operates with incidental
lich from
funds now being provided by the American Society of
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and by reproduction
assistance from the organizations of working group members.
tier with
on, DC in
Therefore, operating costs must be kept low. So far, the
organizations of members have been generous in assisting us
and we are grateful.