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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

CIP A 2003 XIX th International Symposium, 30 September - 04 October, 2003, Antalya, Turkey
Volumetric pictures are a remarkable material for virtual
popularization of cultural objects in historical plan and in tourist
3D modeling is especially important when you are going:
• to fix the current state of architectural monuments and
their interiors
• to project the restoration and reconstruction of the
• to create 3D maps for landscape analyze, for urban
planning, for urban monitoring.
• to create the library of 3D models of the cultural
objects in geoinformational system.
For 3D modeling the modem software was used. The fast
growth of modem technologies of 3D lazar scanning and the
traditional photogrammetry allows to get the reliable data about
Before digital photogrammetric stations there was the following
• ground survey of the facades and parts of
buildingsfwith a help of photographic field
• creating their graphic images (with a help of analog
stereo devices)
• digitalization
• creating 3D framework of the monument with a help
of infloors plans and volumetric drawings
• creating 3D models in GIS and 3D software (Autocad,
3D Studio MAX and so on..)
Today the digital images for creating orthophotomaps are used.
They are obtained by scanning photo images. The next
processing is made with the help of Russian photogrammetric
stations “Digitals” or “Talka”.
3D modeling was made on the maps scaled 1:500 and 1:2000,
which were made on the digital photogrammetric station
“Digitals”. It allowed to automate the photogrammetric
processes and provided the new quality of processing.
It was made with a help of Microstation and Autocad. The
visualization was made in 3D Studio Max. Figure 2 represents
3D model of the single object and the territory in the whole.
For practical use of volumetric models the specialists of
Uralgeoinform created new 3D editor “3D Konstruktor”. With
the help of it you can easily view and edit volumetric objects.
Then you can solve some engineering tasks for urban planning
in historical territories. This editor was written in Delphi 5.0
with the use of system of graphic standard OpenGL.
Tie development of architectral documentation and monitoring of the monument's state
The project s development of
reconstructions and restorations.
The monitoring of the protected territory state
models of relief
The reconstructing of the initial look of history
territory, landscape analysis
Figure 2. The territory Cremlin in Verhoturie town, Svyato-
Troitckyi cathedral. The examples of using volumetric models
of historic and cultural monuments.
This GIS is widely used on the territory of Sverdlovsk region
and the created technologies can become the examples and
bases for creating the similar systems in other territories. Surely
the system has the number of problems. Firstly there is no
proper normative-legislative base for information exchanging
between different departments (rules of exchange and
integration of different informational resources). Then there are
no methods of organization for accompaniment and storing
electronic documents and electronic achieves in the whole.
But we are sure that the development of informational flows in
Russian Federation may solve all these problems