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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

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Ferruh YILDIZ 3 , Hakan KARABÔRK a ,Murat YAKAR 3 , H.Murat YILMAZ b , Lütfiye ALP a
a University Selcuk, Enginering Faculty, Dept. Of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Kampus, Konya,Turkey —(fyildiz,
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karabork, yakar, lalp)@selcuk.edu.tr
b University Nigde, Aksaray Enginering Faculty, Dept. Of Geodesy and Photogrammetry, Kampus, Aksaray, Turkey -
Keyword : Digital Photogrammetry, Close-Range Photogrammetry, Archaeology,
Culturel Heritage, History
Tonyukuk Monuments are located on the upper side of Tola river in Bayn Tsydo area in Mongolia. The monuments consist of statues
and two inscription with four faces which were constructed by Bilga Tonyukuk in (732-734 ?) who was the vizier of 11. Kokturk
Inscriptions of Bilga Tonyukuk and statues in monument are drawn by photogrammetric methods. Photographs are taken with Rollei
D7 digital camera and Leica R5 optic camera. Additionally, the ground control points are measured by Sokkisha Power Set 2000
Total Station. Pictran and Photomodeller software are used on photogrammetric restitution and drawing of these statues and
inscriptions. All restitution results obtained from this study are submitted to the Turkish International Cooperation Agency (TICA).
Root mean square of the ground control points are computed as m x = illTim , m z = ¿1mm , m y = ¿2 mm .
ods for the
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l. introuction m x = ± 1 mm , m z = ±lmm, m y =±2mm. The
Tonyukuk monument was constructed by Bilga Tonyukuk who calibrated paramétrés of Leica R5 50 camera are
was a vizier of II. Kokturk Khan in (732-734?). Tonyukuk
monument was located on the upper side of Tola river in Bayn a ~ image coordinates of principal point
inalyse fur
:r g-
Tsydo area in Mongolia. The monument consist of man-
statues,two inscription, altar-table being andomamented stone, x o = 0.013 mm ; y 0 =0.065 mm
floors, tiles, bricks and clays. Inscriptions have four side.
Historical events of Kokturk State Period were described in b- focal lenght
Bilga Tonyukuk inscriptions. According to inscriptions, events
i geometric
rchives of
, Part 5, p.
in Kokturk State Period were tranferred from past to present. c=-50.696 mm.
Other parts in the monument also transfer some information to
culture and civilization of Kokturk State Period. Two The calibrated paramétrés of Rollei D7 digital camera are
inscriptions were spoiled, abrasioned and spilled. Other parts in
Bilga Tonyukuk monument were seriously destructed. a_ image coordinates of principal point
über alpine
p. 107-110.
The project of Turk Monument in Mongolia was started with
the agreement between Turkish Republic State and Mongolia x„= -0.170 mm ; y o =0.260 mm
State.This task was taken on Turkish International Cooperation
Agency(TICA). The aim of this study is to obtain the b- focal lenght
Zelger, F.,
photogrammetric rolove which work of arts in Bilga Tonyukuk
Monument displayed on present status. The work of c=7.520mm.
photogrammetric rolove display a support for restoration works.
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ry, Remote
Besides, these work of arts are determined the present status of
monument before it was trasferred into museum which was 3. APPLICATION
built about 500 m distance.
Ground control points were marked by an appropriate number
2. MATERIAL and METHOD for bundle adjustment and covering on all side. The photographs
were taken from about 2 m distance. The points which could be
von Franz
Gorund control points were selected on side of work of arts and transformed from ground coordinate system to surface
measured for photogrammetric restitution. Triangulation points, coordinate system on side were selected and measured for
which were established before in order to obtain topography fixing of surface coordinate system(Fig.l). Photogrammetric
map, were used for this task. Ground control points marked on restitution of inscriptions were evaluated by Pictran
side were measured by Sokkisha Power Set 2000 Total Station. software(Fig.2). Photogrammetric restitution of statues was
p Qnpr ri >fWtr>r «ne ncf»H fnr mcaenrpmpnt nf nnint nn determined by Photomodeller software. As a result of
ruction of
in. Institute
1 apCr rGIlGClOr WaS USCC1 IOF rnCdoUrCITlCni U1 bCICGLCU pUlIlL UII uviviiumvu
side. Photographs were taken with Rollei D7 digital camera and photogrammetric restitution, drawing of all objects were
Leica R5 optic camera. Photogrammetric restitution was transferred into Autocad(Fig.3) (Pig.4).
determined by Pictran software(Technet Gmbh,Germany) and
Photomodeller software. Distance precision of measurement by
ent of GIS
sing, Vol.
Sokkisha Power Set 2000 Total station is m s =±(4 mm+3ppm.D)
and precision of angle is ±l cc as dictated by user manuel. Root
mean square of the ground control points are computed as