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New perspectives to save cultural heritage
Altan, M. Orhan

General Areas of ISPRS Archives : Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Vision Sciences, Spatial Information Sciences
Working Fields: Agriculture, Archaeology, Architecture, Atmosphere, Bathymetry, Biometrics, Cartography, Climate, Coast,
Crop, Cultural Heritage, Cyclones, Databases, Developing Countries, Digital, Earthquakes, Ecology, Economy, Ecosystem,
Engineering, Environment, Extra-terrestrial, Exploration, Facilities, Floods, Forestry, Forest Fire, Geodesy, ueography, GIS,
Geology, Geometry, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Glaciology, Hazards, History, Human Settlement, Hydrology, Hyper
Spectral, Industry, Intemet/Web, Land, Land Cover, Landslides, Land Use, LIDAR, Marine, Mapping, Mathematics,
Medicine, Metrology, Meteorology, Oceans, Oceanography, Photogrammetry, Pollution, Radiometry, Resources, Robotics,
Sea, Services, Space, Soil, Snow Ice, Statistics, Surveying, Technology, Terminology, Urban, Vegetation, Vision, Volcanoes.
Activities : Acquisition, Adjustment, Analysis, Application, Archiving, Automation, Calibration, Change Detection,
Classification, Combination, Comparison, Cooperation, Consulting, Correction, Correlation, Data mining, Design,
Development, Digitization, Education, Estimation, Exchange, Extraction, Farming, Fusion, Generalization, Generation,
Identification, Impact Analysis, Inspection, Integration, Interpretation, Inventory, Learning, Management, Matching,
Measurement, Modeling, Monitoring, Navigation, Operation, Organization, Orientation, Planning, Polarization, Precipitation,
Processing, Programming, Production, Recognition, Recording, Rectification, Reconstruction, Registration, Research,
Restitution, Revision, Simplification, Simulation, Specification, Teaching, Training, Transformation, Triangulation,
Understanding, Updating, Visualization
Aggregation : Abstraction, Compression, Data Mining, Detection, Global-Environmental-Databases, Interoperability,
Orthorectification, Retrieval, Query, Sampling.
Subjects : Algorithms, Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Automation, Block, Building, Bundle, CAD,
Camera, City, Color, Computer, Data, Database, DEM/DTM, Decision Support, Disaster, Distortion, Ecosystem, Edge,
Error, Expert System, Feature, Film, Format, GIS, GPS, Graphics, Hardware, Image, Imagery, Indicators, Information,
Infrared, Infrastructure, Instruments, Interferometer, Internet, Knowledge Base, Laser scanning, LIDAR, Model, Mosaic,
Multimedia, Networks, Object, Orthoimage, Parameters, Pattern, Photography, Pixel, Platforms, Plotter, Protocol, Radar,
Radiation, Resolution, SAR, Satellite, Small/micro satellites, Scale, Scanner, Scene, Semi-automation, Sensor, Sequences,
Sociology, Software, Surface, Systems, Softcopy, Software, Standards, Targets, Temperature, Texture, Tracking, Web based,
X-Ray, AM/FM, Decision Support, Data Structures, Change, Framework Data, Fuzzy Logic, LIDAR, Landscape, Metadata,
Multimedia, Open Systems, Photo-realism, Rendering, Reference Data, Representation, Reasoning, Segmentation, Spatial
Infrastructures, Specifications, Understanding, Versioning, Virtual Reality.
Properties: Accuracy, Aerial, Analog, Analytical, Close Range, Color, Convergent, Digital, Direct, Distributed, Dynamic,
Experimental, Extraterrestrial, Federated, Geometric, Global, High resolution, Hyper spectral. Industrial, International, Inter
operability, Large, Metric, Mobile, Multifrequency, Multispectral, Multitemporal, Multiresolution, Multisensor, Neural, Non-
Metric, On-line, Optical, Performance, Precision, Professional, Quality, Radiometric, Raster, Real-time, Reliability, Small,
Spatial, Spectral, Static, Stereoscopic, Sustainable, Temporal, Terrestrial, Thematic, Thermal, Threedimensional, Three-Line,
Underwater, Urban, Vector, Video, Exterior, Content-based, Contextual, Hierarchical, Incremental, National, Planetary,
Random, Symbolic.
Other: Advancement, Aims, Aspects, Configuration, Cost, Economy, Experience, Experiment, Future, Interface, Industry,
Method, Observations, Performance, Project, Problem, Proposal, Purpose, Requirements, Status, Stellar, Structure, System,
Tasks, Test, Theory, User, Value-added.