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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

0.00 —5
Figure 3 - The restitution of the facade of the 1992 survey with the position of the profiles
Horizontal Sections
# A E 1992
| O A □ 1998
30.00 —i
X (m)
Figure 4 - Horizontal profiles concern 1992 and 1998 surveys (DIGICART 40). The X-axis is horizontal and parallel to the
facade. The Z-axis, normal to the facade, is the object depth.
Horizontal sections differences
-o.06 —j
-0.09 -j 03
100.00 104.00 108.00 112.00 116.00
x (m)
Figure 5 - Punctual differences between the horizontal profiles of 1998 and that of 1992. In the abscissa there are the x-
coordinates while in the ordinate the shifting in depth.
Starting from two independent surveys of the north face
of the St. Stefano Cloister, the definition of its geometry
by means of the realization of horizontal vertical profiles
and DSMs has been obtained. Comparison of these two
surveys was made thanks to the location of a series of
natural points common to the two systems.
Comparing these points the parameters to insert the
surveys in a single reference system were computed.
The differences that we have found in this study
between the two surveys are:
• The placing of the tie beams caused contraction of
the upper front of the facade. This deformation is
maximum in the middle of the front and decrease
near the side building-hinges
• The bricks in the front of the cloister have been
cleaned of the mortar that covered them. This
cleaning has been made particularly in the central
part and in the iower left-hand side of the front.