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International cooperation and technology transfer
Mussio, Luigi

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* the measurand value, the singleton x, is maximally
specific but uncertain, with uncertainty s(x);
* the measurand value, the interval [x-s(x),x+s(x)j, is not
completely specific but considered certain.
The same empirical information, as obtained by the
measurement, can be represented by suitably balancing
the specificity and the certainty of the result (for example,
if the statement A cannot considered certain on the basis
of the available information, then
C = “this is a more-than-100-page book”
could be adopted, less specific but more certain than A. In
the case the object is factually a 120-page book, then A
would not be “truer” than C, but more specific, and
therefore more informative, than it).
As a synthesis:
* measurement results are neither specific nor non
specific, and neither certain nor uncertain;
* they are neither singletons-with-uncertainty-degrees nor
* but they can interpreted in either way, in view of specific
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of a measurement
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