Full text: International cooperation and technology transfer

The test results, listed in Table 1, show that the BIRIS 
laser scanner camera represent a fairly accurate system 
for 3D model reconstruction compared to digital photo- 
grammetric approach. 
The BIRIS system presents some features, that make it 
very iseful for a wide field of applications. It allows a 
real time acquisition of a very large amount of range 
data, reducing therefore the time spent for their collec 
tion in the field and allowing, in the same time, the 
generation of 3D model with great detail for recovering 
of object surfaces and forms. It is also possible to use 
the laser camera with bad light condition, certainly 
lower than classic photogrammetry. Furthermore the 
use of a synchronized scanner system gives a more 
extended field of view. 
Due the large amount of collected data and the high 
achievable accuracy, we believe that BIRIS laser came 
ra can be profitable integrated with currently digital 
photogrammetric techniques, mainly in all cases where 
a more detailed survey is required. 
This work was developed in the field of the project 
“Digital surface modelling by laser scanning and GPS 
for 3D city models and digital orthophotos”, partly 
financed by MURST (Italian Ministry of University 
and Research) in 1998, as a project of relevant national 
interest. National coordinator: Riccardo Galetto. 
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