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The 3rd ISPRS Workshop on Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS & the 10th Annual Conference of CPGIS on Geoinformatics
Chen, Jun

ISPRS, Vol.34, Part 2W2, “Dynamic and Multi-Dimensional GIS’’, Bangkok, May 23-25, 2001
2.7 Spatial Data Release
Web-GIS, to be brief, is a new technology to extend and perfect
GIS by using INTERNET. Infinitely variable map scale oriented
spatial data release should consider the diversity of different
users’ hardware platforms and software platforms. INTERNET
can eliminate these differences. Web-based spatial data release
platform will become the standard platform of spatial data
This paper researches in approaches and technologies of
information generalization of infinitely variable map scale.
Because information generalization of infinitely variable map
scale includes broad technologies and applications, we cannot
resolve all problems through one or several math models, there
are still long times to realize information generalization of
infinitely variable map scale.
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