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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

Scientific Committee:
Chair: Chair:
Prof. Dr. Deren Li (Wuhan University, China) Prof
Co-chairs: Co-chai
Prof. Jun Chen (2008 ISPRS Congress Director, National Geomatics Centre of Prof
China) Prof
Prof. Dr. J.L.van Genderen (President of ISPRS Technical Commission VII, ITC) Prof
Prof. Dr. Jixian Zhang (Chair of ISPRS WG VII/6, CASM) Prof
Members: Membei
Prof. Dr. Jie Shan (Co-Chair of ISPRS WG VII/6, Purdue University, USA) Prof
Dr. Zhong Lu (USGS EROS, USA) Prof
Dr. Thierry Toutin (Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing, Canada) Prof
Dr. William Jefferies (MDA, Canada) Prof
Dr. Xiaoliang Wu (CSIRO, Australia) Pr °f
Prof. Dr. Andrew Skidmore (ITC, the Netherlands) Pr °f
Prof. Dr. Jean Serra (ESIEE and Center of Mathematical Morphology, France) Pr °f
Prof. Dr. Armin Grün (ETHZ, Switzerland) Pr °f
Prof. Dr. Romuald Kaczynski (Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland) Prof
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kainz (University of Vienna, Austria) Pr °f
Prof. Dr. Yongqi Chen (The HongKong Polytechnic University, China) Mr.'
Prof. Dr. Chenghu Zhou (Chinese Academy of Sciences) Mr. 1
Prof. Dr. Xiaoyong Chen (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand) Pro ^