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Mapping without the sun
Zhang, Jixian

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During the research, we gain lots of help from others. Thank
Global Land Cover Facility and the China Center for Resource
Satellite Data and Applications (CRESDA) supply the test data.
Thanks are due for the support from the National Basic
Research Program of P. R. China (No:2006CB701302), the
(No:SOED0602), the Open Research Fund Program of the
Geomatics and Applications Laboratory, Liaoning Technical
University (2006004) , the Open research subject of Key
Laboratory of Geo-informatics of State Bureau of Surveying
and Mapping, China International Science and Technology
Cooperation Project: High-Resolution Stereo Mapping Satellite
(No:2006DFA71570). With those help, our research is able to
go along propitious.Natural Science Fund of P. R. China
*(No:40601084 and No:40523005), the Open Research Fund
Program of State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean
Environment Dynamics