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Proceedings of the Symposium on Global and Environmental Monitoring

This is the first section of the proceedings for the Mid-term Symposium of Commission
VII, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, held September 17-
21, 1990 at the Conference Centre in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The second
section, Volume 28 Part 7-2, contains selected Canadian articles and is being published
The purpose of this symposium was to promote communication and the exchange of
ideas between scientists and technicians involved in the interpretation of photographic
and remote sensing data. Our objective was to focus the discussions on the main topics
of Commission Vll’s working groups.
Solutions were explored for the following key questions:
• What changes are likely to occur in our environment by the years 2000 and
• Will global temperatures increase enough in the near future to create
catastrophic impacts on our natural resources, major shifts in populations,
and adverse effects on the quality of life in general?
• Which parts of the world will be affected most by global change?
• What are the most cost-effective photographic and remote sensing
techniques for global monitoring?
Mr. Frank Hegyi
ISPRS, Commission VII
TIB/UB Hannover 89
139 926 496