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Proceedings International Workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology
Li, Rongxing

Proceedings of
International Workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology
April 21-23, 1999, Maruay Garden Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Sponsors :
ISPRS WGII/1 Real-time Mapping Technologies
ISPRS WG V/l Close Range Imaging and Metrology
ISPRS IC WG V/III Imaging Sequence Analysis
Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT)
IAG SC4 WG1 Mobile Multi-sensor Systems
FIG C5 WG3 Kinematic and Integrated Positioning Systems
Association for Real-time Imaging and dynamic Analysis (ARIDA)
Japan Association of Remote Sensing (JARS)
Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (JSPRS)
Program Committee :
Rongxing (Ron) Li, co-chair, USA; Shunji Murai, co-chair, Thailand; Holger Schade,
Switzerland; Charles Toth, USA; Naser ETSheimy, Canada; Clive Fraser, Australia;
Hans-Gerd Maas, Netherlands; Jean-Marie Becker, Sweden; John Bossier, USA;
Klause-Peter Schwarz, Canada; Deren Li, China; Heribert Kahmen, Austria,
Hirofumi Chikatsu, Japan.
Local Organizing Committee :
Shunji Murai (Thailand)
c/o STAR Program, AIT
Tel : +66-2-524-5599, Fax: +66-2-524-6400, E-mail : murai@ait.ac.th
Remarks :
ISPRS : International Soceity for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
IAG : Internatioanl Association for Geodesy
FIG : International Federation of Surveyors
Copies of the proceedings are available at ACRoRS, Asian Institute of Technology,
P.O. Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand, Tel: + 662-524 5599,
Fax: +662--524 6400, E-mail: murai@ait.ac.th at the cost of 25 US dollars or 1,000 Thai
Baht including the postage (surface mail), or RICS Books, 12 Great George Street,
London SW1P SAD, UK, Tel: + 44-171-222-7000, Fax: + 44-171-222-9430