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Proceedings International Workshop on Mobile Mapping Technology
Li, Rongxing

'imm 1
BBaB ■
Fundamental Study on Development and Application of the Local
Positioning System using Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Dep. Civil Eng., 2-17-1,Tsudanuma,Narashino-shi,Chiba,275-0016,Japan, Chiba Institute of Technology
E-mail: koizumi@ce.it-chiba.ac.jp
Yasuyuki SHIRAI
Dep. Precision Eng., Associate Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology
E-mail: shirai@cc.it-chiba.ac.jp
Dep. Computer Center, Associate Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology
E-mail: atakemoto@cc.it-chiba.ac.jp
Commission n, Working Group 1
KEY WORDS: INS, Positioning, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
The purpose of this paper is to develop a local positioning system using accelerometer and gyroscope.This system will be
effective as the device of three-dimensional positioning in places where GPS cannot be used. This paper developed a
monocycle type inertial survey ,a handy type inertial survey and an inertial photogrammetry device.In this paper, the
authors performed a traverse survey, a leveling, a plane table survey, and a photogrammetry without using any control
points by using the devices manufactured. As a result of the experiment, when expanding this research, valuable data
could be obtained.
As one of the fundamental study themes for progress in a
mobile mapping technology, a development of equipment
to exactly compute the position of moving objects such as
platforms where a camera was installed in real time can be
considered. In positioning the platform, there is GPS
(Global Positioning System) as a certain means now.
However, in the urban areas and the forest parts, etc.,
where the electric wave from the GPS satellite does not
reach easily, the use of GPS is difficult. The authors have
considered it effective to apply the inertial navigation sys
tem as the device of three dimensional positioning in place
where GPS cannot be used.
This paper studied the positioning system to decide the
position of some point of the surface of the earth, and
application to the photogrammetry using the accelerome
ter and the gyroscope which are used as a inertial naviga
tion system.
The concrete research items are shown in the following:
1. The performance characteristics of the accelerometer
and the gyroscope are experimentally examined.
2. Development of the local positioning system using the
accelerometer and the gyroscope.
3. Development of photogrammetry without using any
control points (Development of the inertial photogramme
try system).
Some effective basic materials necessary for the devel
opment of the research were obtained, though there were
some problems which will have to be solved in the future
from the result of the research. The accelerometer and
gyroscope were used, and a positioning system which was
able to adjust to the limited part region was shown. Moreo
ver, the method of photogrammetry which did not need the
control points was presented.
2.The principles of inertial positioning system and
system configuration
The accelerometer gives the acceleration voltage, and the
gyroscope gives the angular velocity voltage. Accordingly,
distance and angle can be got by equations (2-1)and(2-2).
L=If a dtdt
0 = 1 (o dt
here L: distance,
" (2-1)
- (2-2)
dt: time, 0 : angle
The device is mounted with the vibration gyroscopes and
accelerometers installed on three axes. This system takes
an angular velocity voltage obtained by the vibration gyro
scope ,and an acceleration voltage obtained by the accel-