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Systems for data processing, anaylsis and representation

Early during the planning stages for the Symposium of ISPRS Commission II, it
became readily apparent that our Call for Papers was attracting excellent abstract
submissions. With these in mind, and with the assistance of the Commission II
WG Chairpersons, we eagerly began scheduling plenary, concurrent and poster
presentations into a finalized Technical Program in anticipation of June 1994. In
completing our responsibilities of hosting the Commission II Symposium, we are
pleased to publish these Proceedings as a lasting record of the Commission II
As in the case when any large meeting and symposium is assembled, there are many
people who work to bring everything together, and a number of these merit special
mention. In building this Symposium, we must begin by acknowledging the
support of the many authors who submitted papers and made presentations.
Without their efforts we would not have had such a successful meeting, and these
proceedings are a collection of their efforts in an unedited and original form.
Next, we must salute the efforts of the Technical Program Committee, who had the
task of reviewing, organizing and commenting on the presentations for publication.
A list of the Technical Program Committee is included in the next few pages and
should be accorded your interest.
Our great appreciation is also extended to the ISPRS Symposium Organizing
Committee, who more than a year ago began preparations for this Symposium.
Their efforts are acknowledged in the entire production, ranging from advance
publicity, registration and paper submission to site organization, activity planning
and publishing these Proceedings.
As a participant at the ISPRS Commission II Symposium, we hope you benefit from
your visit through greater knowledge, friendship and experiences. We wish you a
most pleasant stay in Ottawa.
ut à P A
€ T S { /
me, Holi?
et Dr. Mosaad Allam Gordon Plunkett
e President Secretary
ISPRS Commission II ISPRS Commission II