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Proceedings of Symposium on Remote Sensing and Photo Interpretation

CONTENTS (cont'd)
Comparison of Geological Information from Satellite
Imagery, Aerial Photography and Ground
Investigations in the Tibesti Mountains, Chad. -
F.K. List, N.W. Roland and D. Helmcke
Satellite Imagery Applied to Earth Science in Canada -
V.R. Slaney
Electronic Enhancement of Satellite Imagery and
Photo Interpretation in Oil, Gas and Mineral
Exploration - C.C. Reeves Jr
Analogic Techniques of Data Enhancement Applied in
the Study of Geologic and Geothermal Features of
Test-Sites in the Italian Region (Central Alps and
Volcanic Areas) Illustrated by the Images from
ERTS-1 and Other Remote Sensing Platforms - G.M.
Lechi, A.H. Tonelli and C.M. Marino
ERTS-1 Imagery: the Valuable Tool of Geoscientists -
S. Palabekiroglu
The Use of ERTS-1 Multispectral Imagery for
Geological Mapping - H.E.C. v.d. Meer Mohr,
A.M. Rakshit, V.D. Bhate and R.P. Sharma
Coastal Microrelief and Associated Vegetation Recognized
on Air Photos of Melville and Vassey Hamilton
Islands - I. Resch
Cartographie thématique automatique: Principes
et réalisation partielle d'un système - S.
Barconne, A. Fontanel, M. Guy and C. Lallemand . . .
On Quantitative Image Analysis and the Study
of Terrain - H. Th. Verstappen
Statistical Evaluation of Multispectral Scanner
Images - E. Triendl, G. Kritikos, M.D.
Schroeder and B. Sahai
Advances in Automatic Extraction of Information
from Multispectral Scanner Data - J.D.
Experimental Research on Some Methods of Photo-
Interpretation - H. Schmidt-Falkenberg
De la photo aérienne a l'image satellite: Methodologies -
M.C. Girard
Status Report on Automatic Classification of ERTS
Imagery of Canada - D. Goodenough, J. MacDowall
and R.A. Ryerson
Multispectral Photo Interpretation with Flicker
and Colour Presentation on the ITC 8-Image
Carousel - N.J. Mulder and S.A. Hempenius