Full text: Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

Avery, G. (1958). Helicopter stereo-photography of forest plots. Photogrammetric Engin 
eering Voi. 24, No. 4. 
Avery, G. (1959). Photographing forests from helicopters. Journal of Forestry, Voi. 57, No. 5. 
Lyons, E. H. (1961). Preliminary studies of two-camera, low-elevation stereo-photography 
from helicopters. Photogrammetric Engineering Voi. 27, No. 1. 
Seely, H. E. (1962). The value of 70 mm air cameras for winter air photography. Woodlands 
Review, Pulp and Paper Magazine of Canada, May 1962. 
Mr. R. de Milde (Belgium): Is there a special reason why you did not use infrared photo 
graphy? Answer: With panchromatic film we are able, on that scale, to recognize the different 
tree species. Infrared photos would give no further information. Mr. de Milde : And in case 
of regeneration? Answer: In that case infrared photos would probably be more useful for species 
Mr. D. A. Boon (Netherlands): Are these large scale photos only to be used for species recogni 
tion? Answer: We hope to use them for measurements, but until now we have many difficulties 
with the scale determination. Mr. Boon: How was the flying done? Answer: In strips. The 
planning was not very accurate for the photos were not to be used on a practical base. 
Dr. D. A. Francis (U.K./FAO): Have yeu used the Airborne Profile Recorder for scale 
determination? Answer: Not yet.

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