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Transactions of the Symposium on Photo Interpretation

Факт Тамбей);

033 UP to 0.1 km«
Х//Л from 0.1 to 0.2 km !
Ш from 0.2 to 0 3 km«
I I more than 0.3 km 1
( о. Шокальского
> vu
[ о. Шокалкского
N \L
"• Дровяной Л \ V
/ Jjs-A
факт, ^VLUtopmoboH
Тамбвй l//fi J \ 4
Ш /// ) \
м. Дровяной|^ ; ?\ \
l\ ^
Ги. Круглый >V 4
н. Каменный Д /
>£•- / м. Круглый х
и Каменный Y Л \
Reproduction of an uncontrolled mosaic of a strip
of vertical photographs
threadlike fissures in land ice identified
on the mosaic
hypothetic position of threadlike fis
sures in land ice, which are not dis
cerned on the aerial photographs
Fig. 6. Sketchmap of the total area of sand lenses per one linear km of the shoreline
Fig. 7. Sketchmaps of ice distribution in the Ob inlet during the last stage of clearing the
bay of ice sheet (a) and distribution of shoals in the Ob inlet (b)
Fig. 8. Oblique photographs with recorded dash-like lines of thread-like cracks in fast-ice
Fig. 9. Photo diagram of vertical aerial photographs and skeleton diagram of the location
of thread-like cracks of ice
Fig. 10. Aerial photograph of freshly broken-up fast-ice
Fig. 11. Example of the study of ice drift in the open sea carried out by the mosaic method