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Remote sensing for resources development and environmental management
Damen, M. C. J.

order of 10 km along an E-W oriented fault (G-28).
Numerous linear or curvilinear valleys and canyon
sections of the principal drainage, e.g. the Gez
River (C-21) also indicate a high degree of tectonic
and structural control. These linear features
frequently mark the transition to alpine terrain.
In the nival-alpine region, steep slope gradients
and rugged relief are pronounced by considerable
radar shadow and layover effects. The overall image
texture of the terrain is relatively coarse. The
dominating effect of topography on the intensity of
the radar signal obscures the outlines of snowfields
(D-23/24). Associated with these areas are more than
a dozen sizeable glacier tongues, e.g. B-22. Their
elongated shape and bands of lateral moraines are
important recognition elements on the radar image.
The varying tonal expression of the individual
glacier surfaces is obviously a function of surface
roughness, the physical properties of the ice, the
surface cover such as rock debris and the local
incidence angle of the radar beam. A glacier tongue
on the northern slope of the Kingata Range (H-27) i s
of particular interest because of its unusually
bright image tone. This may be the result of
multiple reflection along ice-seracs, or tension
cracks, of the glacier flow structure. Large scale
deformation of entire glacier surfaces are known to
occur during short term glacier surges and are common
features in other areas of the Pamirs.
5.2 Oasis Agriculture and Water Management
The occurence of oases is almost exclusively
restricted to the alluvial plain and includes
Plate 1. SIR-A image of the eastern Pamirs and cultivated areas of the Kashgar oasis in western Xinjiang, China.
Figure 5. Interpretation map of the natural drainage and irrigation schemes within the study area.