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Modern trends of education in photogrammetry & remote sensing

You will judge to what extent we nave achieved our objectives, for me
personally the Symposium was a good opportunity to exchange and
discuss ideas, meet close and old friends and make new ones.
i thank all of you very much for coming to Rhodes to
participate in the Symposium which has already been declared closed by
our President. I would like to thank mr. President and the constant
members of ISPRS, the panel members, the speakers, the collègues who
have participated to the discussions, and all of you who have attended
the sessions I would like also to thand the ladies and the accompamng
people who with their presence have made our lives much more
pleasant here in Rhodes. 1 would like to thank my collègues who have
facilitated in the performance of the Symposium here, the group from
my own Laboratory who worked hard arranging all matters of the
Symposium, prf. Veis, prf. Theocharis, because they have sponsored the
Symposium and have supported the work of the Symposium by their
continuous presence with us. Finally 1 believe that the secretary of our
Commission Or. Georgopoulos deserves the most warm congratulations
for the excellent job he has done. ! wish you a pleasant safe trip back
to your country or to your international destinations,success in
expectations and good health. Hoping to see you soon somewhere I say
good bye to you.