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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

navigation is among other things dispensed with, so that
the objectively conditioned delivery time can be reduced.
7. Multi—sensor concept
The simultaneous application o-f different complementing
sensing system, either independent o-f, or coupled with,
each other, permits the reliability of interpretation and
the information content of remote sensing data to be
increased substantially. This can be accompanied by higher
economy in their acquisition. The multiple remote sensing
concept, recommended years ago, can now be materialized
with today's level of microelectronics. This was ascer
tained in 1988 during the 16 th ISPRS World Congress and
recommended -for use in all countries. The degree of automa
tion of sensing systems must be increased further, in order
to facilitate their operation and to reduce the operating
staff per system on board- INTERFLUG has commenced to work
this basis.
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