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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

Pig. 1. Schematic Diagram of Photometric Measurements
1 - radiation reflected by object
2 - transformation of radiation by atmosphere and photo
system optics
3 - optical image of object
4 - photo-chemical treatment of film
5 - photo picture of object
6 - optical image of sensitometric wedge
7 - photo-chemical treatment of sensitogram
8 - photo picture of sensitogram
There exists a functional relationship between the bright
ness of the object and intensity of illumination of its optic
image in the focal plane of the photo camera. In view of this,
the idea of the photographic photometry technique is reduced
to determining the intensity of illumination of the optical
image of the object through comparing the values of optical
density of the images of the object and sensitogram fields on
one and the same instrument.
Photometric measurements technique
The automated version of the photometric measurements
technique developed by the State Center "Priroda" makes it
possible to determine the values of the zonal luminance factor
(ZLP) and contrast between adjacent elements of terrain and