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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

The experience of the joint processing of photographic
and radio-thermal images of terrain has revealed high re
liability of the obtained results and confirmed the avail
ability of rich information on other invisible phenomena.
Even today the development of optimal procedures for ex
tracting this information, including that contained in
the aerospace photographs of the visible and infrared
ranges is a most topical problem.
Fig. 4. Enlarged fragment
of radio-thermal image of
the terrain with corres
ponding registergram show
ing the boundary
Fig. 5. Photographic and
radio-thermal images and
registergram of one and the
same terrain aligned on the
Fig. 6. Aligned photographic
and radio-thermal images of
terrain. Straight line is
the flight direction of the
1. Chukhlantsev A.A., Shutko A.M., Application of micro-
wave radiometric method for determining biochemical cha
racteristics of vegetative covers. Earth survey from space,
1987, Wo. 5, pp. 42-48.