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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

Due to recent developments in the field of sensor and
computer technology it seems now realistic to develop sy
stems for the integration of photogrammetry, remote sen
sing and GIS. The paper shows the design and develop
ment of such a system based on a commercially available
image processing system. The system includes a stereo
display for the stereoscopic image data and three dimen
sional graphics which might be generated by operator
measurementor transferred to a geographic information
system. Measurement and orientation programs as well as
a package for digital correlation and orthophoto production
are part of the system. All operations are invoked by soft
menues on the stereo display using an optical mouse.
While the presented system design was very much depen
ding on standard image processing hardware and compo
nents, new hardware developments in computer technology
show, that a processing power close to super computers
will be available at graphic workstation level. Available
hardware components for stereo display, digital image
storage, fast image access and the computing power of
some graphic workstations are presented. Transputer array
technology and parallel implementation of algorithms on
these arrays permits even very time consuming tasks such
as image correlation to be performed in near real time.
The development of instruments in the field of photogram
metry in the last century was characterized by three
phases. The first phase was the establishment of analog
instruments being capable of measuring in analog photo
graphs and producing line maps. This era of avoiding
computations by opto-mechanical instruments was followed
by the so called analytical instruments, where still the
images remained of analog type but the measurements and
components of these type of instruments can be charac
terized as being computer assisted. Due to recent deve
lopments in the field of computer technology and because
of the increasing importance of high resolution digital ima
ges the integration of digital image processing techniques,
remote sensing and photogrammetry becomes possible. As