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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

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In the ongoing enhancement of this central measuring module of PHOCUS, we are
incorporating user suggestions from their everyday practical work. Moreover,
a programming interface enables each user to generate his own specific data
acquisition functions. This means that the standard measuring program sup
plied with the equipment can be tailored to the customer's specific applica
tions. PHOCUS thus meets the demand for an open-ended, flexible system.
For the acquisition of attribute data, the so-called object names and object
item names are available at present. To meet the increasing demands that will
be made in the future by photogrammetric users regarding the creation of geo
graphic information systems, PHOCUS will be extended by the connection of a
relational data base, permitting the definition and management of randomly
structured attribute data. While the geometric data will continue to be sto
red in the PHOCUS data base, special data elements will be provided to form
the connection with the relational data base.
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2.2 PHOCUS PA Workstation
Customers have frequently expressed the wish to connect the analog stereo
plotters they are still using to the PHOCUS system, in order to be able to
benefit from the advantages of object-oriented data acquisition also with the
existing equipment.
The connection between the plotter and the PHOCUS computer is formed by the
DIREC-P digitizing and interface unit. The inputs of the x, y, z encoders in
the analog instrument are recorded and transformed by this unit and then
transferred to the PHOCUS computer via a RS 232 standard interface. This en
sures the connection to the different types of computers on which PHOCUS is
implemented. Apart from the transformation of model into terrain coordinates,
the software of the interface unit also performs the time-critical incremen
tal recording procedures.