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Proceedings of the Symposium on Progress in Data Processing and Analysis

Fig. 1 . Anal prêt plotter Cexperimental type} .
The Concept and Realisation
uses the PC
contr ol1ing
considered as
for teaching and
attached as slave,
a work station by
The plotter imagined wa
representative of low cost instruments
analytical interpretation. It
communicating with the host
standard serial lines.
The measuring system follows the classical
Pulfrich stereocomparator idea with line encoders for X and Y
axes with 5 micrometer incremental resolution. The image
carriers are moved by freehand, but fine movement may be made
with pointing screws, if neceEsary.
The Px movement of the right image is controlled by screw and
the impulses are given with circular encoder with 0.01 mm
increments. The ranges of X, Y are 300 mm and 250 mm
respectively. The measuring range of Px and Py is 50 mm.
A stepper motor has been applied for Py movement of
the right image carrier with 5 micrometer distance increments
related to the picture.
The digital counter for X
serve to adress the two pedals
pi otter.
Further two PCB were put into
software serves for calling
Y and PX and the circuits
has been built into the
the PC
pi otter
and machine
controlling stepper motor for movement and counting