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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

Earth monitoring WG network topology
& networking for other EO data
GOIN (Global Observation Information Network) was
established in 1993 by joint efforts of Japan (JST/NASDA) and
US (NSF/NASA). As GOIN99 is the final year on their
activities, and they are planning to make a multilateral
framework of network (both computer and human). Therefore
the future involvement of APAN in the CEOS/GOIN framework
has been discussed quite intensively.
In Network Sub-group meeting of G01N99, held at East West
Center of Hawaii University on 24 March 1999, future
commitment and role of APAN Earth Monitoring WG in the
CEOS/GOIN framework was discussed, followed by the
presentation on the current activities and future collaboration of
the Earth Monitoring WG (Fujita, 1999b).
A recommendation to include this APAN WG as a contact point
for 'food security applications' within Network Sub-group was
drafted at the Joint Program Working Group of GOIN99.
The Earth Monitoring and Disaster Warning Working Group of
APAN is invited to participate GOIN/COES meeting held at
Birmingham on 12-14 September 1999.
As conclusions, the following headlines are highlighted for the
future WG goal.
1. WG focuses on the specific applications on DMSP and
2. WG leads user ID missions to develop user communities for
3. WG enhances collaboration with earth observation missions
on networking
4. WG aims at to be a gateway between earth observation
missions and users
With the given opportunity of contacts with GOIN/CEOS, the
WG focuses more one food security which has been already
accomplished by fishery resource monitoring using by DMSP
night time products monitoring nightly fishing boats.
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