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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

Any SUP Provider
Diagram 1 : General overview of the system.
2 MB Network
Diagram 2 - Network Structure Of The System
Each server which is in different places is connected to the 2MB
or more APAN network using the existing Internet service
provider. The APAN network is necessary to make sure that it
supports more bandwidth when servers are added from time to
The main structure of the APAN network is the Satellite as the
transmitter. The server allocates individual connection to each
client. This is to ensure that a proper communication channel
exists between the server and client. At the client’s site a proper
interface would be necessary to enable the user to see the
images transmitted and also to establish connection with a
The clients need to establish a communication channel with the
server before they can receive images. This can be done using a
proper interface by selecting the server or keying the server’s IP
or names.
RMS would prove to be an asset in the area of early fire
detection using satellite as transmission media. RMS would
have an advantage since it is easy to set up as it uses the
established communication channel for the purpose of