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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

TonoSaksono (Indonesia) 35
Inkindo's National Human Resources Inventory To Include Surveyors
And Geomaticians
Sri Yudawati Cahyarini and Siti Rochimah (Indonesia) 38
The Importance Of Information Technology For Coral Reef Management
In Indonesia : An Overview
Dewayany Sutrisno, et al. (Indonesia) 41
The On-Line Integrated Thematic Database As A Tool For Sharing
Spatial Information
WG VI/3 : International Cooperation and Technology Transfer
Bellone Giacobbe, Mussio (Italy)
Promotion Of The General Understanding And Improvement Of Public W<
Relations, Foster International Relationships : A Case Study By A
Proximity Matrix
Carlo Monti, et al. (Italy) 51
GIS : Teaching Experience In The Courses At DIIAR Politecnico Of Milan
Achilli, et at. (Italy) 52
Virtual Reality (VR) Applied To The Environments Representations :
Some Examples At University Of Padua (Italy)
Bernt H. Bakken (Norway) 53
Technology Transfer in Production
Guinieri, et al. (Italy) 57
Procedures Of Correction Of The Geometry Distortion For Digital
M. Barbarella, et al. (Italy) 58
Digital Photogrammetry And Laser Range Camera For Physic Model
Geometry Determination
Carlo Monti, et al. (Italy) 59
GIS Technology To Support Survey Data And Management Of Different
Quarry Typologies
David Collison (Singapore) 56
Automation In Photogrammetry
R.Venantius Hari Ginardi (Indonesia) 70
Spatial And Temporal Data Handling For Remote Sensing Data
Luigi Mussio , Rossella Nocera, Daniela Poli (Italy) 74
Discrete Mathematics For Spatial Data Classification And