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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

that the partnership between more lacking institutions and
institutions with larger money availability, do not need to be
necessarily through money donation, but it can be through
services or making available data and professionals, that
facilitate or help in the generation of educational material;
that in the developing countries, that always face great
difficulties, mainly of monetary order and existence of qualified
professionals, should always seek homemade solutions for the
elaboration of educational material. It should be forgotten, at
least temporarily, until a basic collection is former, the desire to
want to elaborate educational material of great sophistication
and to seek simple solution but that assist the user’s community
A great mistake made many times by educators in these
countries, is that instead of making use of simple, creative
solutions and of easy execution, they always plan the generation
of educational material in a very sophisticated way, which
makes it unviable, expensive, inaccessible and many times
impossible to be used with the existing technical resources in
the teaching institutions.
These materials, for the fact of being expensive, are hardly
generated, being eternally planned, but never executed. We
cannot forget that much worse than having simple
educational material is not having educational material.
The generated educational material can be marketed through
universities, education and training centers, scientific societies,
publishers, school, etc. The important is that fund is created
with the money collected with its sales, in such a way that it can
used in the generation of new educational materials.