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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

- Sponsored courses : NASDA ( National Space Development
of Japan) sponsored GAC, AIT to conduct three two week
training courses for 15 trainees each with full support of travel,
accommodations and per diem. Another 5 trainees will be
accepted to join the courses with self support fund of 2,000 US
They were ; Advanced Remote Sensing & GIS for Watershed
Management (15-30 June, 1998), Microwave Remote Sensing
and Interpretation (21 Sep. ~ 2 Oct. 1998) and Advanced
Remote Sensing & GIS for Flood Mitigation (16-27
November, 1998).
Another two training courses called Caravan Type Training will
be conducted with full support of AIT/NASDA outside of AIT.
A caravan team of several resource persons will visit a local city
to conduct workshop or tutorials on a specific theme in order to
maximize the efficiency of number of trainees in the host
In 1998, the following two caravan type training courses were
- Workshop on Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS Utilization 19-
23, August, 1998, Bandung, Indonesia
- AIT-Hannover University Joint Workshop on Mapping from
Space 26-30 October 1998, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. In 1999,
similar training courses are planned.
4. Research Program
The Asian Center for Research on Remote Sensing (ACRoRS)
aims at the following tasks
• to provide technical support to researchers in Asia.
• to provide NOAA AVHRR data and Japanese Satellite
data at inexpensive price for research purpose.
• to promote joint research with AARS members, and
• . to provide consulting service on request
The ACRoRS started to receive NOAA AVHRR since 15
October 1997 which covers India, indo-China Peninsula, Tibet,
Himala, Indonesia, Philippines and so on.
The cost of NOAA AVHRR in 8 mm tape is 30 US dollars per
path, 200 US dollars per 8 mm tape (about 47 paths) and 10,000
US dollars per year.
Visiting researchers are most welcome to join the type of
research with full technical support by ACRoRS experts. The
tuition fee for visiting researcher costs 1,000 Us dollars per
person per term. Accommodation and food will be about 1,000
US dollars per month if stayed in AIT campus.
The ACRoRS implemented several projects in 1998 including
Preliminary study on applicability of satellite data to Asian
Highway of whole Thailand with Japanese Satellite data.
Estimation of water volume of Ton Le Sap Lake, Cambodia
Application of remote sensing and GIS to road planning and
maintenance in Nepal, etc.
(1) STAR Program, AIT has successfully developed the
curricula with a clearly targeted goal to meet the requirements
and demands in computer, space and multi-media age.
(2) STAR Program has established a well balanced scheme
between educational, training and research program.
(3) STAR Program has a resolution toward technology and
research oriented program, with powerful equipments and
highly capable researchers.
Figure 1 Three Components of STAR Program, AIT
Figure 2 Organization of ACRoRS