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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

members, in due time, the database of this program will include
some 35,000 Indonesian experts from almost all areas of
expertise - accessible both nationally and internationally. It is
therefore believed that its presence will be a major contribution
to stipulate an appropriate management strategy for the
development of national human resources. Thus, the database
will function as perhaps one of the most comprehensive
references for the government (e.g. BAPPENAS) to blueprint
national human resources development in the future.
Even before the monetary crisis of 1997, the value of
transactions recorded at national level has always resulted in
deficit. The main reason as to why this is so is perhaps due to
the incapability of Indonesia to produce skilled human
resources of high standards, which results in the increasing
demand to substitute this void with high qualified professionals
of foreign origin. Hence, even though the goods sector shows a
sufficient surplus, the services sector ironically cancels this out
with its overly large deficit. If this situation is to remain, then,
the development of this country will never reach its break-even
INKINDO’s national human resources inventory will not only
serve as a reference of bona fide professionals in Indonesia, but
will also intensify' the framework for South and South
cooperation - leading to a more liberal workforce market.
The author is very grateful to his daughter, Ira Drupady, for her
excellent typing and proofreading.