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Sharing and cooperation in geo-information technology
Aziz, T. Lukman

Cartographic Operators have been a process over a longer
period of time. After leaning the operating system and editing
software they have been quickly involved in production. At
first they are trained in Database 1 editing and we have found
that it takes a minimum of six months to get the operators
After having experience from Database 1 editing the
Cartographic Operators are moved to Database 2 editing. Now
they are trained in nameplacing etc.
Former Photogrammetric Operators on the project have been
given training in cartographic editing and they get a very good
knowledge of digital map production.
Plots from Database 2 and Database 3 are internally controlled
by experienced Cartographers before sent to the Client for
There are one Quality Controller in the production office that
channels the comments from the Client to the responsible
production section.
The offset printing is sub contracted to a printing office in
Jakarta that is operating 24 hours a day. From the Blom-Narcon
Cooperation production office the printer receivers reverse
reading positive films ready for making printing plates.
Both BAKOSURTANAL and Blom-Narcon Cooperation is
active in the quality control at the printing office.